Flexible and efficient palletizing automation for the most complex load mixes

Logistics market

Star Automation developed an advanced mixed-load palletizing system overall based on costumer needs. This system can handle boxes - even of different formats - as cartons arrive randomly.

The mixed-load palletizing system is a fully automated solution and helps to protect people from repetitive tasks.

Star Automation load building software determines optimal positioning of boxes in order to build evenly aligned and well balanced pallets quickly and reliably, optimizing space, reducing packaging waste and transportation costs, and thus increasing plant efficiency and productivity.

Different formats of boxes

Optimization of orders volume

Evenly aligned and well balanced pallet

No damaged pallet

Reduction of waste disposal and transportation costs

Optimization of plant efficiency and  productivity


Paolo Amadasi

Logistic Manager @ Just Italia S.p.A.

Thanks to Star Automation algorithm we could completely automate the production line by using three cartons formats, employing our workers in higher value-added operations.

More than 30% of Just production is now automatically palletized.

In the future we might use other 11 formats of cartons in order to recycle the boxes sent to us by our suppliers, thus reducing waste disposal.

We now save 50.000 cartons per year.

Actually, Just Italia is committed to the themes of sustainability and environmental awareness.

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