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Automatic plants

Star Automation is specialized in providing turn-key automatic systems like robotic cells and automated conveyors.

The realization of our integrated systems for industrial automation is made with the use of the latest available technologies following the principles of Industry 4.0:

  • vision systems for process integration and visual quality control

  • use of anthropomorphic and collaborative robots

  • realtime supervision of production process


Each solution is completely customized according to our client needs.
Mechanical and electrical designs are developed by our specialized engineers and assembled internally by our experienced technicians.

We project and realize turn-key solutions for industrial automation, such as systems for CNC and welding machine loading, palletizing robotic cell, quality control vision system.

We offer a service of:


  • Feasability study for robotic industrial solutions through advanced simulations (RobotStudio, Matlab-Simulink, Mathematica, Robotic Toolbox)

  • Realization and installation of needed hardware

  • Objects identification through 2D-3D vision systems: laser profiler, stereo cameras (Omron inspection systems, Cognex In-Sight-Explorer, Keyence identification systems)

  • Path extrapolation for robot from points cloud (Pointcloudlibrary, Machine Vision Toolbox, Matlab)

  • Robot software realization

  • PLC software realization

  • Customized HMI software realization for plant control, working parameter change (VB.NET, C#, Pro-face and Java)

  • Wiring diagrams design

  • Start-up of the system

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