Robot, PLC and HMI programming for F-Latch foaming and packaging robotic line


Programming for F-Latch production line has involved the following stations:

- Robotic station for F-latch loading from production line

- 2 robotic stations of plasma etching

- 2 robotic stations of foaming

- Robotic station of laser marking

- Robotic station for F-latch unloading in the oven to perform the foam curing

- Robotic station for scrap unloading

- Packaging station

Software programming has involved:

- 5 ABB IRB 2600 robots

- Omron NX1 PLC

- 4 Omron NB7W HMI

- Festo electric axis

- 2 Keyence laser marker

- Automator marker

- Zebra printer

- Cognex QR code

The work was carried out at Magna Mechatronics in Guasticce (LI).

Retrofit on robotic palletizing cell


Software and mechanical revamping of a robotic palletizing cell.

​Laser sensors were installed on the conveyor belt to measure carton heights in order to stack cartons with different heights. Boxes centering systems were installed on the end-of-line conveyor belt to ensure the robot a repeatable loading of boxes.

The software programming of Yaskawa MPL 160 II and Omron CJ1M PLC was performed.

The new patent pending flexible robotic palletizing system is able to handle boxes - even of different formats - quickly and reliably, avoiding downtime of the lines, optimizing space, reducing packaging waste and transportation costs, and thus increasing plant efficiency and productivity.

Just now saves more than 50.000 cartons/year thanks to the new algorithm.

The work was carried out at the logistics center of Just Italia (VR).


Robotic cell for CNC machine loading


Study and design of robotic cell for CNC machine automated loading.

Thanks to a highly-precise vision system the costumer is able to easily move the robotic cell from one CNC machine to another.

The management software allows to load different components in the cell and to handle them at the same time.

PLC and HMI software programming for 4.0 buffering cell


Siemens S7-1500 PLC and Siemens HMI software programming for autonomous loading and unloading of semiaxles.

The plant consists of a 4.0 fully automated cell for production of semiaxles in automotive field.


Star Automation developed the software programming for both quality control station and buffering station. A series of robots interact with the buffer station to carry out the whole process production.

The work was carried out at GKN Driveline factory in Campi Bisenzio (FI).

Robot software programming for CNC machine loading


ABB robot programming for two CNC machines automatic loading.

Thanks to a Cognex vision system the robot is able to identify the blanks to load.

The managing of the boxes for blanks and finished products is completely automated.

The work was carried out at Pierburg Pump Technology factory in Leghorn (LI).

Robot software programming for injection moulder loading


ABB robot software programming for automated production of injectors with autonomous loading and unloading of workpiece into injection moulding machine.

The work was carried out at Continental factory in Fauglia (LI).

Service on a welding robotic cell


ABB robot programming on already existing plant.


A welding cell is loaded and the finished products (semiaxles) are pallettized.

The work was carried out at GKN Driveline factory in Campi Bisenzio (FI).

Robot software programming for leather parts bonding


Yaskawa robot programming for bonding, handling and moving applications of leather parts for wallet realization.

Robot software programming for automated screwing line


Two ABB robot programming for automated screwing line of gearboxes.


The work was carried out at Bonfiglioli factory in Forlì (FC).

Off-line robot path acquisition


We develop applications to allow operators to program robot paths without using teach pendant or without knowing programming languange by using 3D laser scanner o microscribe.

Dual-arm robot software programming


Robot Yaskawa SDA10 software programming for pick&place operations between a trimming line and a injection moulding rotary table for shoe industry.

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