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Services for automation

Star Automation ensures complete engineering service, in order to best realize the entire project and start-up stages of any automatic system. In addition, we also ensures a software programming service of few components only (robot, PLC, PC, idetification systems) where a re-engineering service is needed. The company also ensures complete after-sales service for every product.

We offer a service of:


  • Feasability study for robotic industrial solutions through advanced simulations (RobotStudio, Matlab-Simulink, Mathematica, Robotic Toolbox)

  • Realization and installation of needed hardware

  • Objects identification through 2D-3D vision systems: laser profiler, stereo cameras (Omron inspection systems, Cognex In-Sight-Explorer, Keyence identification systems)

  • Path extrapolation for robot from points cloud (Pointcloudlibrary, Machine Vision Toolbox, Matlab)

  • PLC software realization

  • Robot software realization

  • Customized HMI software realization  for plant control, work parameter changing (VB.NET, C#, Pro-face and Java)

  • Circuit diagrams design

  • Start-up of the system


Star Automation is specialized in providing turn-key automatic systems like
robotic cells and automated conveyors.
The realization of our integrated systems for industrial automation is made with
the use of the latest available technologies following the principles of Industry 4.0.

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Star Automation offers a software programming service and assistance on new plants and already existing ones by doing changes, revamping and remote control operations. Software programming concernes all the hardware components: robot, PLC, HMI panels, sensors and indoor navigation systems.



Star Automation offers objects identification service through 2D-3D vision systems like laser profilers, cameras, stereo cameras by using high quality industrial products like Omron inspection systems, Cognex In-Sight-Explorer and Keyence identification systems.

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