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As Omron Ambassador, Star Automation shows pick&place, quality control and palletizing operations with an Omron cobot TM5-700.

Fields of applications are automotive, cosmetics and logistics ones.

  • Automotive: operators assemble some components simulating a production process on an assembly line for automotive market. The cobot does a quality control on the final product with the 2D integrated camera. If the mounting operation is correct the cobot give a positive feedback, otherwise the component  is placed on a scrap box. In this way we simulate the cooperation between human and collaborative robot.

  • Cosmetics: thanks to the 2D integrated camera, the cobot is able to recognize objects different by shape and colour and to organize them in some boxes by pick&place operations.

  • Logistics: Star Automation shows the new palletizing software that allows to handle cartons with same base but different height. The construction of the pallet will be always stable with very fast time and reliability, avoiding the risk of cartons falling.

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