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R&D Materials

Why materials matter


Nowadays the focus on materials and surfaces engineering is a fundamental issue in order to optimize every production process.

Right management and selection of industrial materials has to be performed and it's important to know the link between quality and required performance of materials.

expert in materials and in the design of processes and manufactured goods.

Development of materials has always dealt with technological evolution of our society: the most competitive companies invest huge human and economic resources in the innovation of materials and production processes to find new design solutions and meet the increasingly stringent needs of the market.

Innovative materials can become a determining factor of success for the company, especially in the current context of technical and commercial competition on a global level.

If you need to optimize a process where materials are involved, you can rely on our training and experience.

Our services

  • Study of state of art

  • Market analysis of the required product

  • Selection of the material or surface treatment suitable for your needs

  • Selection of the best supplier available on the market

  • Structural, microstructural (SEM), chemical, compositional (EDX) analysis thanks to the cooperation with the best testing laboratories

  • Industrial materials testing on behalf of third parties


Required performances


The best selection of materials can improve several performances:

  • sound insulation

  • thermal insulation

  • corrosion resistance

  • wear resistance

  • mechanical resistance

  • adhesion

  • ...










Some examples

Our partners

The case study

Ceramic tools for micromachining


Thanks to the cooperation with Swiss machining specialists as Tusa Precision Tools SA and omnino ag, advanced ceramic cutting tools were developed for micromachining process of specific materials used in the watch industry.

Ceramic tools showed a wear resistance 10 times higher than the hard metal ones.


Thanks to the studies in Materials and Nanotechnology engineering, it was possible to select the optimal ceramic material with the most suitable surface coating in order to provide the best performances of the tool.


Wear tests were carried out at the laboratories of Politecnico di Milano by using the pin-on-disc method and by performing cutting tests on the Kern EVO CNC machine thanks also to the cooperation with Kistler, Big Kaiser and Blaser who respectively provided a last generation dynamometer, spindles and cutting oil.

The results were excellent and one of the three tested ceramic material was selected thanks to its best performances of thermal stability, wear resistance and life tool.

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