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Star Automation @ A&T Turin
February 14-16th 2024
Finalists of Innovation Award 4.0

Our realizations


Robotic palletizing cell with a Yaskawa robot able to palletize cartons with same base and different heights, optimizing space and reducing packaging waste and transportation costs.



Robotic cell for loading of CNC machines, welding  machines and automated screwing lines.

CNC machine loading

About us

Star Automation was born as IT service provider for automation. Today it becomes also a system integrator and it realizes the entire robotic system taking care over the software programming and the mechanical and design.

The company consists of a team of engineers with many years of experience in the areas of robotics and industrial automation.

Our main costumer

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We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone, e-mail or via our social media channels.

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